Wunderbar helps people gain clarity, set direction, and build profitable businesses they love.
“We raised 153% of our initial $33,000 goal—a total of $50,389. I can’t recommend Austin highly enough.” — Paul Hassell, Founder of ALIVE photo and Light Finds
Gain clarity.

In practical terms, that involves helping executives, entrepreneurs, and owners gain clarity and set direction. We put our expertise to work for you in operations, process improvement, product development, sales & marketing, and culture.

That being said, we’ve found that our smart, ambitious, hard-working clients move quickly and decisively once they’re confident they’re doing the right thing. So you may not need help with executing the plan. You may just want a sounding board.

Regardless, you’ll walk away from our conversations with a clear-minded understanding of what you want and what to do next.

“Austin simplifies my busy mind. I walk away from each consultation with clear action steps, steps that directly hone in on the present goal. Our very successful Kickstarter campaign was calculated but never became “salesy.” Austin fights for me not to maintain my authentic voice. Austin works hard to keep “me” in my marketing. At the end of the day, I feel good about how I’ve promoted and emailed my tribe. At the end of the year, it has meant more sales. We raised 153% of our initial $33,000 goal—a total of $50,389. I can’t recommend Austin highly enough.” — Paul Hassell, Founder of ALIVE photo and Light Finds
We like to be a part of projects where we deliver a high return on your investment.
Set Direction.

It’s really easy to fix the wrong problem. You see leaks, blame the roof, and ask several contractors for a quote. But maybe the real problem was the one corner of the house where the foundation settled. A $5000 roof was the more obvious repair, but one $500 jack would have fixed the deeper issue.

The difference between a consultant and a contractor is better questions and a lot of listening. We create space for you to think out loud and focus on the real obstacles in your path, not the shadows they cast.

“I have worked with Austin over the past seven years on numerous projects. The first opportunity to work with him came when Ruby Tuesday was launching a small sub-brand, Marlin & Ray’s Seafood. We needed a brand “voice” that was quirky, fun, young, and witty. Austin helped us with the brand book and all quirky branding that helped support the launch, including menu item names and descriptions. When tight timelines are in order, Austin has always risen to the occasion and over-delivered on the ask. He always challenges me to think more strategically while also trying to problem-solve. Austin and I have stayed in touch and most recently he helped me brainstorm what I wanted to do with my career. Though our brainstorm that did not reap financial reward for him, he was still willing to share wisdom with a business friend. For that I will forever be thankful. After many years of collaboration with Austin, I endorse his talent, character, personality, kind heart, and genuine passion for his work.” – Catherine OBrion Jones, Team Health (formerly, at Ruby Tuesday)
Build a profitable business.

We love the challenge of coming to understand your business, and we try to wait to hammer nails until we have a good grasp on the core problem or long-term goal. That’s why a typical consulting project moves through four phases:

  • Diagnosis (of a problem) or Identification (of a goal)
  • Solution Design
  • Implementation
  • Measurement

If the Implementation phase requires creative services, such as design, writing, video, website development, and app development, then we can help with that too.

We just like to get the order right.

“I highly recommend Austin Church at Wunderbar for his expertise with naming, branding, and marketing solutions. He has helped me with naming, text creation, and strategy design as I rebranded and relaunched my consulting and leadership coaching business. Austin has an artist’s sense of style and uses a strategist’s acuity to cut to the heart of a client’s need, identify the pertinent issues, and map a way forward that includes the best of substance and style. He has a unique way with words that captures and elevates what a product or service offers. In short, he makes it look easy, and that’s saying something.” – Daniel Allen, Owner, Daniel Allen Coaching
Keep doing what’s working.

Lots of creative and marketing projects get derailed not because the creative team did bad work but because they didn’t take the time to identify the ideal outcome or to fully diagnose a problem.

For example, a new website can be an effective marketing vehicle, but if referrals are what fuel your company’s growth, then a consistent follow-up program (along with cool gifts for your best customers) would produce more sales.

In other words, we like to be a part of projects where we deliver a high return on your investment, and we tend to be skeptical of shortcuts and quick fixes.

We may disagree with you at times, but we value honesty and tact equally. We always strive to be one-faced.

And if Wunderbar isn’t the right fit, then we can probably help you find somebody else.

If you’d like to discuss your project with us, fill out the contact form. We typically respond within 24 hours during the week. (Except on rare occasions, weekends are reserved for our families.)