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Enjoy excellent food, drink, and conversation in a beautiful place. Bring your sense of humor and a desire to help other executives and entrepreneurs however you can. Rest a little and get some clarity.
“I finally feel like I’m starting to recover from incessantly burning out. SPACE Retreat reshaped my long-term goals: what I picture “my mountain” to be. Anyway, you deserve the credit for helping me step back and gain some much needed perspective.” – Gabe Connor, CCO of Goodie Two Sleeves
The idea behind SPACE Retreat is fairly simple: creating space.

Space can be hard for go-getters because it feels unproductive. But space enables us to rejuvenate and dream; to goof off and rub shoulders with other creative, hard-working, interesting people who need to slow down as much as we do.

I believe that more breakthroughs happen in rocking chairs than in conference rooms, and that belief defines every SPACE Retreat.

The first question I use to curate guest lists is this: “Do I want to have dinner with this person?” We become the company we keep, so it’s important that we surround ourselves with interesting people who value both contemplation and action; kind, thoughtful people who enjoy both achieving and giving.

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Good food and drink in good good company. Oh, and giving your business some love too.


Do you do stuff?

When I thought about the one thing that many of my favorite people have in common, it was this: they do stuff.

They are entrepreneurs, executives, and business owners who work in a variety of industries and markets, but they constantly pursue growth in their business pursuits, relationships, and capacity for giving.

  • Product designer whose companies grossed $200 million last year
  • Carpenter and furniture designer who can build anything
  • Chief Creative Office of an apparel company specializing in t-shirts with clean humor
  • CEO of a software company that created John Mayer’s favorite app
  • Owner of a lawncare and landscaping company that employs ex-convicts

These people don’t just talk about an app idea, island hopping in Greece, or quitting a boring job. They scrape together a budget, book the ticket, put in their notice.

“Innovation, creative thought, new ideas, and new markets happen in the white space when we can think and process and connect dots that we don’t get when we are running from objective to objective.” – Todd Henry,
But success in business involves more than doing.

We’ve got to work smart, not just hard, which means working on our businesses, not just in our businesses.

Take a step back, and you’ll see an exponential growth opportunity, a point of leverage, that your frenetic activity would otherwise have camouflaged.

We often sacrifice Important on the altar of Urgent.

What’s all of this about anyway? Why do you work so hard?

Let’s take some time to ponder bigger questions so that you can return to your work with new clarity, fresh vision, and focused enthusiasm. Prosperity is a mindset, not a circumstance.

freelance ideas
freelance ideas
freelance ideas
freelance ideas
What You Need to Know about SPACE Retreat
  • This is not a “networking event,” though you’ll meet very interesting people and will probably end up collaborating with some of them.
  • This is not “serious business development.” Frankly, that sounds exhausting. We all work hard enough during the week. Weekends are for replenishment, not rigid program.

Bring your sense of humor, a bathing suit, and a desire to help the other executives and entrepreneurs however you can.

Come with the intent to give, not get, and good things will happen for you and your business naturally.

Negative space is positive.

“It was an amazingly refreshing weekend. By being around some many entrepreneurs that created something from nothing, it reminded me that I have that same power inside of myself. The weekend reenergized and inspired me to buckle down and move forward towards my goals and dreams with confidence.” – Justin W., Wedding Photographer & Entrepreneur


Do you want to build a profitable business you love?

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