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Have you ever shared a cup of coffee with someone you trust—a friend and ally—and talked openly about your business?

That’s the experience I recreate with my newsletter. I spend most mornings writing about business. In sharing my triumphs, frustrations, and insights, I aim to bring clarity and help you make your next move with confidence.

“Success” is a tricky word. We often make it one-dimensional thing tied to wealth. Yet, so many successful people make their fortunes and still aren’t happy. Success is sometimes a companion walking alongside you, and sometimes the ever-elusive quarry around the next bend. The difference between those two states is often nuance or attitude. Success might simply be living out of the best version of yourself.

“Success” may be closer than you realize. Success may, in fact, be a fallacy, which is why you may learn more from my failures than from my successes. Regardless, I hope to convince you that there are no wrong decisions, only better and worse ones; that perfect is the enemy of done; that almost any step forward is better than stasis. After all, stasis tends toward stagnation.

Let this sign up page serve as a precursor of good things to come. I want to support you as an business owner, create a sense of community, and inspire you to take action. I invite you to grab up a cup of something warm, and spend some time with me.

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