business training courses
If you’re a creative, consultant, or entrepreneur, I’d like to help you get some clarity.
“You’re almost like a business therapist.” – Tyler R., Chief Creative Officer of two tech companies
If you’re a creative, consultant, or entrepreneur, I’d like to help you get some clarity.
  • Maybe you want to create a product, guide, or course, but you’re not sure where to start.
  • Maybe your software development project is taking forever, and you’re not sure what to do about it.
  • Maybe you desperately need a world-class CTO, UI/UX genius, or even a personal assistant, but your past hires haven’t been so hot.

Regardless, let’s discuss your biggest challenge, peel away the layers of complexity, and shed some light on the core problem or goal.

You’re probably like most of my clients: you work really hard, but you also want to ensure that you’re working smart. Manning the helm can be a lonely job, especially when other people typically look to you for answers.

When you need advice or a second opinion on a certain course of action, where do you turn?

business training courses
“Austin did a great job help me to get my thoughts unstuck, as well as offering me great, actionable advice. He was also able to shed some light on something that I hadn’t even thought about; things that could make a really big difference for me. Would definitely work with him again in the future.” – Kwesi E., freelance writer
business training courses
Let’s get you from here to there.

Whether your opportunity relates to operations, product development, hiring, culture, or sales & marketing, I’d like to help you solve problems, meet goals, and work smarter (or more smartly?):

  • I helped Tyler to implement a suite of tools for managing software development projects more effectively and thereby reduce his uncertainty.
  • I helped Stuart raise his rates, land a huge contract, and begin transitioning from solo freelancer to media company.
  • I helped David address his single biggest frustration: we fired his outsourced dev team, who was unresponsive and emotionally volatile, AFTER we had discreetly replaced them with a full-time local go-getter with comparable skills and a better attitude.
  • I helped Andrew develop a strategy to methodically grow his niche consultancy for restaurant marketing even though he lives in a small town in Nova Scotia.

So what is your biggest challenge or frustration? More importantly, what opportunity to grow and thrive is on the other side of it?

business training courses
“Incredibly helpful and giving us information that was actionable. Opened our minds to new ways of approaching the problem at hand. Definitely recommend.“ – Bryan C., CMO at software startup
Here’s how a Get Clarity session works:
  1. You choose a 90-minute slot that works with your schedule and pay the flat fee to get in my queue.
  2. You fill out a brief questionnaire to give me context for your needs and goals. You decide how we can generate the most value for your business during our time together.
  3. We hop on the phone or Skype. (In most cases, I am able to record the call so that you can reference our conversation later.)
  4. We get you some clarity, set direction, and map out next steps so that you can move forward with confidence.

To get started, click here.

business training courses
“Welp, you did it. I got the raise I asked for. I did what you said and drafted up an email using the notes I took while you were talking on the phone. Thank you for encouraging me in writing. Thank you for giving advice to a kind-of stranger. And thank you for making me brave enough to ask for something that will make me a lot less stressed in the months to come.” – Amy Noelck, Writer & Editor


Do you want to build a profitable business you love?

Duh. Pony up that email address, and you can learn from my failures. You can laugh at my mistakes. You can envy my success at croquet, slow running, and modest bank accounts. Let’s make good money and leave the world better than we found it.

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