This Site Uses Affiliate Links.

I don’t write posts to generate revenue. The opinions expressed are my own, and my use of various tools and services and business experience inform those opinions. That said, some of the links that point to books and products (e.g., Amazon) and/or apps and services (e.g. Harvest) that cost money are called “affiliate links.” These links send you to the appropriate web page while also attributing your visit and any purchases to me. In return for sending traffic and helping to generate sales, I may make a small affiliate commission.

Two Things Worth Noting

The first thing to note is that I never recommend books, products, apps, and services that I don’t use myself or on a client’s behalf. I stand by each recommendation.

The second thing is this: Though I may on occasion earn a dollar or two from your purchase, purchasing via my affiliate link doesn’t cost you anything. The vendors pay me an affiliate commission as a small way of saying thank you for sending them potential buyers.

Let’s look at the reality of things

Every post I write takes time and money. By the time you factor the time I spend on the actual writing and the time I have spent reading a book or familiarizing myself with an app or service, my effective hourly rate gets really close to $0.

Vendors don’t give me books, products, apps, and services to review for free. I buy them. So any out-of-pocket expense for those things makes any “profit” from affiliate commissions even less likely.

Now you can see why the $2 I might stand to make eventually by using affiliate links and recommending Harvest or Trello doesn’t make a dent in the time and monetary cost of the site.

So let’s be clear: I never write a post because I expect to make a killing with affiliate links.

I write posts because 1) I love to write, 2) I love to teach what I know, and 3) I prefer to recommend books, products, apps, and services I actually use—whether or not I can make money from using them. If there’s an off chance that, out of a sense of gratitude for my free writing and teaching, you want to pay me, then by all means, then buy one of my books or book a call!