I’m obsessed with business and living a more purposeful life.

Thinking I was going to be a college English professor, I went and got an M.A. in English. But now I make software and help people grow their business. Go figure.

My life is chock full of apps right now. I’m the co-founder of Closeup.fm, and I love supporting artists and entrepreneurs any way I can.

I’m good at making problems go away and helping businesses grow. What gets me up in the morning is helping people figure out what they love and then helping them tap their potential. My superhero power is probably encouragement.

You might say I’m a vocational storyteller with a passion for personal transformation. I’m obsessed with business and living a more purposeful life.

Writing will always be my passion, and right now, my favorite topics are branding, pricing, sales, attracting better clients, and client relations.

Austin L. Church

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Timeline Square
Lots of farting around & falling in love; bream fishing; starting little business enterprises to pay for Rooster Tail lures.
Timeline Square
Went flyfishing for the first time in the Smokies & caught a little Rainbow trout on an Adams dry fly; I was hooked.
Timeline Square
More farting around; lots of travel in Europe & Central America; heard some good news: saving the world isn’t up to me.
Timeline Square
Graduated summa cum laude from Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee, with a B.A. in English; speaking of, where is that piece of paper now?
Timeline Square
Taught high school English, though “taught” is a generous word; found my first gray hair.
Timeline Square
Moved to Knoxville; started grad school; didn’t die.
Timeline Square
Graduated from UT Knoxville with a Master of Arts in English; got a job at a marketing firm; learned a valuable lesson: art and commerce do, in fact, mix.
Timeline Square
Started my own creative services business called Bright Newt; published “Polite Men with Matches” in Connecticut Review.
Timeline Square
Won Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Poetry Prize for “Deer Hunting in Wartime”; married the lovely Megan Pearl.
Timeline Square
Finished the Country Music Marathon; ran Ragnar Relay; Bright Newt expanded into software development.
Timeline Square
Published my first app Mustache Bash; finished Nanowrimo (50,000 words in 30 days).
Timeline Square
Welcomed Salem Pearl into the world; learned to sell shovels rather than go prospecting for gold; co-founded Closeup.fm.
Timeline Square
Passed 1,000,000 in travel hacking miles and points; survived two startup accelerators; bought Megan a Honda Odyssey minivan & had a small identity crisis as a result.
Timeline Square
Sold the Bright Newt app portfolio; took comfort in Adam Grant’s book Give and Take; welcomed Theodore Roger into the world
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